Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Florida Microfilm Scanning Service

The Business Of Converting Microfiche Microfilm Documents Aperture Cards To Digital Images

Converting microfiche microfilm documents aperture cards to digital images is a specialized task. The best thing to do is to pass it on to a specialization company. They are in possession of dedicated scanners which can easily and perfectly translate your files to digitized files.

Many organizations are getting their filing up to the 21st century standards and, hence, find this option a necessity. It makes their filing system easy to access and easy to distribute. If you wish to print from these files, this is also that much easier.

Architectural and engineering companies often have a lot of blueprints of drawings and maps on aperture cards for future preservation and access. Getting these transferred to digital images would be a great asset to any company. To do this it might or might not be necessary to sort them.

The integrated 16mm and 35mm documents (as part of the aperture card) can contain more than one image or document. The scanning company often exclude this information and you do not necessarily have to pay for it. Make sure that your cards are scanned at the requested DPI. The other questions you may want to ask your service provider are whether there is an automatic Hollerith reading, is the reading accurate and whether the image would need to be cropped.

The advanced scanners are able to transfer images from your microfiche storage at 200 or 300 DPI (or higher), in bi-tonal or gray-scale. There are also positive, negative, simplex and duplex fiche which can be scanned and transferred into digital format. With the scanners that have become available, it is not difficult to scan these images and documents at the requested quality. These best quality scans allow for the best viewing and easy access.

Archiving has been a part of the past and for this they have often used microfilm. This can now be digitized and transferred through scanning. It is an easier way to present people with digital records. This was a way of preserving old publications. Scanning them makes them accessible and available for researchers and anyone who would want access to them. The CDs and other memory devices makes it easy to copy and read or print out. There is no longer the time-consuming effort of going through each document at the library.

Besides streamlining your business, preservation of these files are also the key reasons for scanning your boxes of microfiche, microfilm documents or aperture cards. You could also make them available through copying and keeping copies as further backup. These are then also easily available for people to utilize.

Some scanning companies will not disclose all that is needed to be done for your scanning and it would therefore be wise to pose the above-mentioned questions to them before you allow them to do the work. They might just overcharge you for their services. It is time-consuming to do this work and, hence, it would be wise to outsource it to a professional company. It is not a cheap process, but often a necessary one.

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